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KORSFÄST - Skarpt Läge LP

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Scandinavian all-star Käng - include members from Driller Killer, Protest Bengt, Lautstürmer, Mob 47, Desperat and Voidfiller.

Malmö raw mangel punkers delivers their third and as to their own saying best release to date. It's fucking amazing brutality and raw madness "ända in i kaklet" I'd say that this is a brilliant follow up to their previous releases and gives us exactly what's expected from the NorraG punks. Total brilliance. 

Release date: November 1, 2017

Art by Stiv, layout by Andreas

Recorded and mixed by Åke

Corelease between Phobia Records, Not Enough Records, D-Takt & Raw Punk Records and Breeding To Extinction Records.

Korsfäst - Skarpt Läge LP by phobiarecords