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HELLSHOCK - Single Collection + Extra Tracks

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PDX long running modern Stenchcore Metal Crust with great collection featuring all their singles: self-titled 7" 2003, split 7" with Consume 2003, split with Effigy 2004, "World darknes" 7" 2005, "Warlord" 7" 2005, "Shakonetu joku" 7" 2005, and tracks from the "Portland City Hard Punk" Lp-compilation 2005. Modern stenchcore masters, unmissable even for the ones who own the originals. This cassette version contain 3 extra track from split 7" with AGE 2009 and track from Low men in yellow cloaks 7" 2014, that are not included in the original CD / LP version released by Black Water and HG Fact in 2009. 

Cassette Released by Black Konflik Records