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FRAMTID - The Horrific Visions 7"

RM 40.00

Japan's legendary Framtid return with a new EP, and I dare say that no one will be disappointed. I believe that this is the first new material they've released since the departure of their old drummer Shin (whose crazy style was one of the band's defining features), but don't let that worry you. The band is still unfathomably relentless and powerful, and the drumming is still freaking bonkers (just check the crazy, Jerry's Kids-style fills on "Racist Scum" if you don't believe me). Three of the tracks are pretty much what you expect from Framtid, but as is often the case the departure is the standout track. "By Any Reason" is built around a mid-paced, chugging, metallic riff a la "Protest & Survive," features some surprisingly rocked-out guitar soloing, and numerous audio samples of the horrors of war. I can't really explain why, but something about this track is completely transcendent. Framtid are pretty much the best they are at what they do, but this EP shows that it's not all they can do. 100% essential. (SORRY STATE)