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"PUNK is about being yourself"! - Interview with WÄRFEAR

WÄRFEAR hail from Melaka, Malaysia with their Wolfpack worship had opened up my eyes during Framtid/Zyanose SEA Tour. Delivered some great crust tunes with Blasting riffs with metallic feeling, rough shouting vocals, pummeling bass and the usual D-beat with good sounds too! 

This interview was answered by Kecik/Ahmad Izani (Guitar/Vocals)

1) Hi guys! Just saw you guys on stage during Framtid/Zyanose show. Great show by the way. If not mistaken Wärfear started as a 3-piece band, right? Why made it 4 now? What happened? Any problem as 3-piece band? Let the readers know. 

Kecik : Hey man. Thanks for the compliment. It was a short set anyway cause I’m rushing to another show at different venue. But, yeah..the headliner were Life Lock, Zyanose and Framtid! Crazy set i would say. Cheers to everyone who came down to support Asian Crust Invasion that night! You guys fukking ACE! Oh yeah, Warfear now were no longer 3 fucking piece. Why? Because the old drummer wasn’t good enough to play some solid wolfpack-liked crust, i guess? LOL. So, we are now a 4 piece band; Fizam –Vocals/Guitar, Me- Guitar/Vocal, Hafizan- Drum and Azlan – Bass.


2) So far, how many shows have you guys played? How was it? It's not easy to play intense & crust music. Some bands are just too cool on stage or in front of the audience, as a band do you think intense music should come with some sort of trademark? I don’t like to see when bands (especially guitarist or bassist) show their butt to the audience. Hey, we didn't pay ticket to a strip club. Come on! I know if you are not used to being on stage or lack of experience, it’s called STAGE FRIGHT. That’s okay, but to feel the adrenaline pumping, that’s the best first experience and for me it’s still the best feeling on stage. How do you guys manage your STAGE FRIGHT? Because some people drink or smoke, or go to the toilet for 5 times in 5 minutes before they get on stage. 

Kecik : I have played in several bands since 2001 as a guitarist, bassist and a drummer, yet i still have Stage Fright until now. True story. As per Warfear, i guess we had played almost 15 shows nearby (Malacca, Batu Pahat and Kuala Lumpur) including Borneo tour in 2017. Actually, I’ve found out that, stage fright is kinda motivating for me. Yeah..I need that in order for me to be extra careful and alert. I don’t used substance obviously. But hey, for me, some good scream or shout before the set is helpful! You can try this method. It’s better to have an adrenaline rush to boost up your performance on stage rather than feeling drunk as fuck and play a lousy set, i guess. Do you agree with me, Mr Editor?  

3) The first time I get to listen to Wärfear was 2 years ago. Since then, I never know that you guys had any other releases out. Why it takes a lot of time to have a new release from Wärfear? How often do you guys practice? How committed are you for the band? Is it just to ‘fill-your-free-time’ band kind of thing? Please don’t waste your time, Wärfear is one of my favourite local bands okay.

Kecik : Warfear was formed in 2016 and we did released a demo tape which had been sold out for the first 2 weeks. Kinda amazing progress for a local scene, you know. Thanks for showing interest to our shit and hey, we never stop doing what we believed in, since day 1, boss! For your info, next in line is a split EP 7” done with local crust punk Braincell which will be out under Hardcore Hell and Deleted Records anytime soon! And there is 1 new unreleased track was recorded during the same session, which i believed already being used for a compilation tape named JOHOR BAHRU CRUSTNIGHT 2018 under Broken Noise Record! Punks nowadays very supportive especially towards local bands. That is the greatest achievement for me. For those so-called old-timer who is reluctant to open up to new thing; my advice is, Please forget about your old golden era, and start supporting your own current diy movement!  


4) So, let’s talk about your demo. I saw a few reviews on the internet with good words and some shitty notes too. But, that’s not important for me. Anyway, you guys sound like Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade kind of crust punk. Some said modern crust. I don’t want to ask you “why Wolfpack or Wolfbrigade”, but how you guys manage and experience the difficulties to bring the wave of “Scandi-crust” with “Cimex Country of Sweden”? It’s a tough job anyway.

Kecik : We tried our best not to be sounded as Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, but we failed badly! Haha. I guess, me and Fizam were bring up with those kick ass scandicrust sound since before. State of Fear, Wolfpack, Skitsystem, Disfear, Avskum, Anti Cimex, you named it! We don’t mind what others would say. This is what we like and we don’t play band to please other’s ear. Are you doing thing just to make people happy even if u don’t like it? I bet you are not. 

5) Your demo production is so good to my ears. Usually demo will sound like ‘live recording by tape recorder’ kind of stuff. But Wärfear deliver a good product for a demo. Why you guys consider it as a demo? I believe you guys spend a lot of time and money on it. Not to say just for your recording, your demo also comes with printed sleeve and silver hot stamp on it. Why made so fancy for just a demo? By the way, the important thing is you guys are satisfied with it. Are you? 

Kecik : Thanks again for the compliment, boss. For me, a good release comes in a package: The band name, sound quality, good lyrics, sleeve, artwork and the whole production. I just do what i feel love to have it. I prefer to own a good release with all complete set if possible. If the band play a good tunes but release in cd-r with a lousy cover, it’s a Big Turn Off to me, same goes to the bands who release in fancy packaging, but the sound and name of the band is kinda joke, I would prefer not to buy or even pay attention to it. But hey, i don’t have any problem with a band who love a zerox cover-liked demo tape either. This is only my preference, up yours! 


6) Some bands just make a shitty logo with a shitty artwork, sometimes deliver very shitty music too. Too much shitty eh? But as Wärfear, how important do you guys see all this things (e.g band name, logo, artwork)? I mean besides good recording or good music, all this things (band name, logo, artwork) is a top priority too, right? I saw some bands just don’t give a fuck about it and claim it D.I.Y. I don’t believe to be D.I.Y if you deliver your things like shit, there are people who believe in that point too . I totally disagree with that concept. As a band, how do you guys bring up the concept of D.I.Y on the right track?

Kecik : As i said it earlier, to produced a good release, all that you have mentioned are very damn important plus the attitude! I don’t want to self-proclaimed myself as a diy punk band just because i want to escape the responsibility of being a proper band and do a lousy chaotic type of band that is unmanageble, clueless and have no vision at all. That is not DIY, friend. For me, DIY means, you have a total control and autonomy upon yourself to produce a good record out of nothing but your own effort. That’s it.

7) Currently, our punk scene has a lot of new good bands. Any new good local acts that you hope to see them exist longer than 1 demo? I know it’s easy to make another new band, but it’s hard to keep it together for so long. Same goes to the relationship, but chemistry between band members is more important. To be understanding and tolerant is not an easy job. Because this things can't be predicted in short terms. How do you guys maintain the momentum, as a band, as a friend? Are you guys really close to each other? Any good things or bad things happened that you want to tell, I mean during the Wärfear existence.

Kecik : Warfear had started out when i decided to meet this old friend; Fizam somewhere in 2015 where he had already focused on his carrier and family. Yeah, I’m somehow responsible in Warfear existence! So, I won’t let this to be just a false hope to the rest in Warfear unless if something inevitable comes up! But so far, what i’ve seen in many bands that i’ve involved in, Warfear is a good family, serious with everything that we are doing and some homour in between. Well, new and not so new local acts that i would love to hear more in the future are; Bombrad, Gassed, Split Tongue, Emerged, Old Unit, Bad Idea, Angkara, Parotid and Distaste!

8) We are not perfect, right? In some cases, people are too judgemental, even sometimes people make mistake and get the punishment like there is no chance to live. To tell you the truth, this kind of things happen in our real life, and in the scene especially. In every case, we point people's mistake more often than giving them chance to change and to make things right. Some times, I feel that PUNK scene is like a ‘holy’ place for certain people when they are too easy to judge people. I don’t get the idea of ‘once you make mistake, you will be blamed forever’ judgement. This question might be out of music or band topics, but PUNK always talk about life, right? Have you guys experience this kind of shit in your life? How do you guys manage it? If ‘once you make mistake, you will be blamed forever’ thing is PUNK ETHIC, then perhaps I’m not PUNK enough. Because I believe, we are in learning process everyday, and during the learning process sometimes we make mistake. Nobody is perfect. What say you?

Kecik : Exactly my friend. Nobody perfect. I have gone through many things in life; up and down, just like a wheel. There are time when I almost give up with everything I hold on through out my life, but luckily i manage to handle it till now. What’s more important for me is, how you gonna stand up strong while everyone keep bringing you down. That’s what differ us, you know. A complete failure is when you start blaming others on every single fucking thing that just happen to you! That’s pathetic. If you keep bitching on other people you don’t like, please remember that, nothing will make any change either. So please keep the spirits and move on!

9) I know some of you guys playing in other band before this. Let’s not talk about it. But beside playing in Wärfear, any of you guys doing something to make the scene merrier? Any other project? Zine writing? I might be lost sometimes with the latest news, can let me know your current best paper zine.

Kecik : Yeah, I’ve played in several bands as a permanent line up as well as a sessionist; such as Terrorist By Default, Kerenaneko, Grindamaged, Osmantikos, Krigssytemet and Bombrad. So far, only the later three are still active. Well, i wish all the best to all my previous bands as i believed that diy isn’t a competition field. For now, I have only 2 bands active which are Warfear and Demisor(Singapore based). Watch out for our new recording soon for a split EP 7” and a full-length LP respectively! Be warned! Other than that, I’m doing a small label known as Overflod records. Please check em out if you guys interested in some underrated good diy grindcore/crust/punk bands, worldwide! far i have no time yet to buy some good new zines. Can you suggest any?

10) Hey, we are lack of PUNK zine nowadays. Like no body is into reading anymore or is it PUNK is too blind-hearted to read? What do you prefer, paper zine, webzine, or Facebook status update every 1 hour? Hahahah. I’m still looking forward for any local PUNK zine. I’m not interested with emo-novel-personal kind of zine. That kind of shit, please consult a therapist.

Kecik : Is it? Oh man, i have lost track for zines, honestly. What i know is, my good friend, Azizi Bebal still doing his shit on Small Man zine and Pyan with his Bangkit! zine. Kinda good travel-based kinda write up and local-punk/metal zine respectively, but hey i’m more into crusty grind looks zine! Something like Drop Out zine, Grind Your Ass zine, Critical Situation zine, Brain Dead zine, Heart Attack zine, Short Fast & Loud zine, MRR etc.

36604706_1804045153016394_2708943745985806336_o.jpg11) Another thing is, for me personally, I don’t like mixed language for a formal reading material. It’s been happening since the past 5 years, even people write books with crappy language. Have you guys noticed any of it? As a PUNK band how do you preserve your mother tongue language, even Wärfear also sing in English as many other local bands? Do you think it matters to have a Malay explanation for the English writing lyrics?

Kecik : Either one type or mixed language kinda zine, is okay with me. As long as the contents of the articles isn’t shitty and free from negative fucking sick elements. Regarding bad or crappy language, i guess, people will improved by experience. As the zine grow older, the editor/writer will matured eventually. Unless, if the editor decided to stick with those broken English kinda style writing, it won’t changed. Trust me. Haha. What more important for me, is the good attitude and continuos effort. I am happy to read a good news/info from all over the world regarding our diy punk movement, not otherwise! Well, it is not easy to write and sing in Malay for scandicrust-type of band. Maybe it works for Dbeat/Raw Punk. I’ll think about it.  


12) PUNK is about Boots or Tight Pants or spiky Hair? Which one matters the most according to your age now and why?

Kecik : PUNK is about being yourself, have own critical idea and not comform with your surrounding. Having own stand is more important for me. If you claimed to be punk, yet you always follow what others told you, please rethink again and consider your self as a layman. Simple. 

13) Promote your band.

Kecik : Warfear is a local crust/punk band which is free from negative shit. Go support em even if i’ve died in a car crash or whatsoever. Haha. You can contact us anytime through email or facebook. Friendship is most welcome. Cheers! –Kecik@Ahmad Izani 


Listen to WÄRFEAR.

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